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15 Sessions / 1 Month


₹ 999

About the Course

It's good to start learning English which is spoken globally. EnGrow - The English booster is a very good place to start. Because here you will get a chance to learn English from Sachin Chogle sir who has 30 years of experience.

Once you’ve studied English for 1 month in 15 sessions, you should be able to learn these basic things at the EngGrow Beginner level.

1) Basic Verbs

You need to understand what is verbs firstly to write or speak a sentence. Action verbs are taught to you by a teacher.

2)Basic Spoken English Conversations on a Day to day basic

Whether you are going to the bank or shopping, you need to know basic spoken English conversations. We are going to teach a simple but effective method of confident conversation.

3)Identification of Tenses and Helping Verbs

When you start your English learning journey, tenses are as important as the blood in the human body. There are 12 tenses you are to introduce slightly.

4)Reading Topics to improve pronunciation and tone of Speaking

As much as you read loudly under the guidance of an experienced examiner, he guides you through tone, and mistakes, and thus improves your English reading.

5) English Speaking Practice

Live Interactive English Speaking Practice and immediate Correction of Tenses, pronunciation, Toning and build confidence. After this, you can go anywhere with a confident personality.

Your Instructor

Prof. Sachin Chogle

Prof. Sachin Chogle

Mr. Sachin Chogle has 30 years of teaching experience.

He is the founder and one of the directors of Engrow.

He has Coached 25,000+ students in his life. He brings the best out of students.

He has prior experience with He has taught English to students and working professionals in a variety of fields.

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