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30 Sessions / 2 Month


₹ 4999

About the Course

Improve your English with our intermediate 30 sessions within 2 months. intermediate Level English vocabulary and structures and their grammatical usage in different contexts and examples.

After completing this Intermediate course, you will be able to create sentences in English and communicate easily as you learn to,

1. Read and write simple sentences

At the intermediate level, you can read easy fairy tales or children’s books. You will understand short sentences in a simple story. With the guidance, you can also write basic sentences, spell English words correctly and use the right verb tenses and prepositions.

2. Tell your own story fluently

If you are feeling a lack of grammatical knowledge and difficulties in sentence structure will be solved and using the guidance you can tell your own story or history.

3. Use proper prepositions

You know how to use the proper prepositions when you talk. Like FOR, AT, ON etc.

4.Talk about daily routines

After practising with experts you can talk about things by using little more charming words. Like what do you like to do in future? like what you do at work or hobbies you enjoy in your spare time.

5. Use simple idiomatic expressions

At the intermediate level, you’re starting to use simple English sayings and idioms. Idioms mean something different than the individual words. For example, if you know it’s time to study you can say“hit the books.

Your Instructor

Prof. Sachin Chogle

Prof. Sachin Chogle

Mr. Sachin Chogle has 30 years of teaching experience.

He is the founder and one of the directors of Engrow.

He has Coached 25,000+ students in his life. He brings the best out of students.

He has prior experience with He has taught English to students and working professionals in a variety of fields.

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