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90 Minutes



About the Course

💁🏻‍♂️Don't miss this opportunity for a free English learning webinar.

Improve your English for the workplace, learn English more effectively and make the most of career opportunities. 💼🤝🏻

Let's meet on this Monday, May 13th, for this interactive, interesting, and all-doubt-solving webinar.

Hurry up!!! Book your seat now and inform your friends too.''

Grow with EnGrow.

Your Instructor

Prof. Sachin Chogle

Prof. Sachin Chogle

Mr. Sachin Chogle has 30 years of teaching experience.

He is the founder and one of the directors of Engrow.

He has Coached 25,000+ students in his life. He brings the best out of students.

He has prior experience with He has taught English to students and working professionals in a variety of fields.

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