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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I sign up for the EnGrow English learning course?
    Click on Register Now, fill up the registration form and select our lifetime course. You will then proceed to checkout and need to make the payment. You will receive a payment acknowledgement on your registered email id and will inform details on the given mobile number. The admission process will be completed within 48 hours after receiving the payment. Then you will be assigned the class. You will receive an email with the zoom link for your class. Let’s start your English learning journey.
  • What is the course fee for the full course?
    The price for each course or module is INR 9,999 for a student. You can also sign up for the full course at just INR 6000 as 1st installment. After one month you can submit your remaining payment of INR 4000.
  • Can I get a demo session of the course?
    You can join us for a free lecture facilitated by our expert teachers on an online platform.Where you can get assurance and understand the course in detail. Please call us EnGrow for a demo lecture and you will get date and time for the lecture.
  • I am looking for complete support for an English course. What is the best option for me?
    EnGrow English learning course will help you develop not only speaking skills but also reading and writing skills with strong confidence. You will get extensive opportunities during the live classes to practice your speaking skills and receive feedback from the teacher. Through the course, you will develop your fluency, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation which are very important to help you become a better English speaker.
  • What is the difference between EnGrow and other spoken English classes?
    Our EnGrow English Learning course is a specialist course that focuses not only on speaking but also on specific tasks, assignments like group discussion, extempore, interview, presentation, and conversations. It is meant for someone who needs targeted help to improve performance in these tasks. The EnGrow English learning course covers all four skills i.e. reading, writing, listening, and speaking. You will start to show results of the Spoken English in an intensive 3 to 7 weeks, depending upon your learning speed and need.
  • Can I get any study material and resources that I can practice post class?
    You will get access to plenty of self-study material by the teacher in class which you can use to practice, which will help you accelerate your learning.
  • Do we have live classes, or do we get recordings of classes in these courses?
    You will get to attend live online classes in the course. We use Zoom to deliver our live online classes which allows you to interact with your teacher and classmates. This is to GROW with EnGrow. There is a lot of interaction and opportunities to practice and work together.
  • Will I receive individual feedback?
    YES ! Your teacher is with you for a lifetime. You will get plenty of opportunities during the live classes to practice your speaking skills and receive prompt feedback from the teacher.
  • If I miss a class, will I get a recording of it?
    Don’t miss the class. To ensure the privacy of our students, we do not record classes. Details about the topics covered are available in the student book and your teacher will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Don’t worry, Your missed topic will be covered.
  • What are the course timings?
    We have a range of timings for each module available from morning to evening with live online classes on weekdays or weekends. Click on ‘register now’ to see the course timings. Please note that once you have selected the date and time, you cannot change them. You will be notified about class timing through message or call.
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