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Refund Policy

  • As an Educational Academy we offer Perfect English Language and communication skills training for day to day communication and other purposes. We teach to Business people, corporate people, Students, house weaves  etc. 

  • We charge enrollment fees for our courses that may change as per our standard authority. You can check the clear fee structure on the website. 

  • You can enroll for 1 to 5 days free to check the quality of services we offer. 


  • You must pay fees as mentioned on the website in instalments or full or you pay the amount for customized courses/services with mutual discussion and standard agreement with us.

  • If you are not satisfied with the training quality, you may give your feedback to us on our authorized contact number which is available on our website.

  • You can ask for a refund only in case you are not satisfied with the services or quality of the teacher and if we fail to make improvisation as per your feedback within 7 days of starting your services. In this case you can contact us. 

  • To claim the refund, you need to contact us on an authorized contact number with acceptable reasons.


  • Refunds will not be paid if there is any other reason than teacher’s and course quality. For example Now I am not getting time, I have changed my mind. 

  • How much will be refunded is calculated using our system of experts.

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